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KUNA new visual identity unveiling coincides with national celebrations

The Kuwait News Agency has unveiled its new visual identity during a ceremony coinciding with the country’s national celebrations, attended by agency employees and Director General, Dr. Fatima Al-Salem.

The event marked a significant milestone in KUNA’s commitment to staying abreast of the digital transformation sweeping the globe, as emphasized by Maryam Al-Zenki, Managing Editor of the Arab Newsletter and supervisor of the Kona Smart Oasis project, reports Al-Qabas daily.

Al-Zenki highlighted KUNA’s dedication to leveraging artificial intelligence technologies, citing the recent launch of the Oasis project. The Oasis, an extension of the editorial sector, harnesses artificial intelligence techniques to embrace cutting-edge media technologies. It encompasses features like artificial intelligence avatars for virtual broadcasting and audio reports, as well as content creation tools.

The integration of these technologies aligns with KUNA’s strategy to enhance media content quality, production efficiency, and information accuracy while engaging Kuwaiti youth through social media programs and events.

Designer Mohamed Sharaf has emphasized the significance of crafting the new logo for the Kuwait News Agency during a ceremony, recognizing the weight of the task given the agency’s longstanding presence in the media landscape.

He stressed that the visual identity of KUNA serves as a reflection of its historical evolution, encapsulating technological advancements and cultural identities across different eras.

Sharaf elaborated on the elements of the previous KUNA logo, which featured the agency’s name in Arabic and English within a circular design symbolizing the globe. He explained that the new logo retains the essence of the agency’s official character while infusing it with a modern touch that honors its rich historical heritage.

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