KSE makes record gains across all indicators

The Kuwait Stock Exchange continues its impressive performance in 2024, achieving record gains across all indicators and variables.

Notably, the market value has surged to nearly 43 billion dinars, marking an increase of approximately 2.65 billion dinars since the commencement of trading this year, reports Al-Anba daily.

Significant cash flows have characterized the stock market, with yesterday’s liquidity reaching 91.4 million dinars, reflecting a 25% uptick from the previous day’s liquidity of 73.2 million dinars.

Market data indicates unprecedented demand in the main market, with circulating liquidity steadily rising. This trend underscores the widespread interest of traders across various segments in stocks listed in the market, which present appealing investment opportunities.

During the recent trading session, stocks with the highest liquidity included IFA stock leading with 12.2 million dinars, followed by Sanam stock with liquidity exceeding 9 million dinars, and Kuwait Real Estate stock receiving 6.9 million dinars.

According to investment sources, the eight investment companies serving as market makers on the Kuwait Stock Exchange have become pivotal in daily efforts to boost cash flows by providing liquidity for trading stocks of all types and sizes in various sectors.

These sources highlight the anticipation of economic reforms and the restructuring of sectors and institutions by the new government as crucial incentives driving the current upward trend in the stock market.

The ongoing construction of new investment centers, supported by promising growth revealed in financial results from the third quarter of the previous year, contributes to the positive outlook. The expected positive outcomes signal satisfactory returns for shareholders through cash distributions and grants.

Furthermore, the increase in the number of companies on the first market to 33, along with the supervision of three companies — “Al-Tijari,” “Arabi Q,” and “IFA” — has instilled additional confidence in traders and fostered optimism in the market since the beginning of the year.

Closing yesterday’s session, trading volumes saw a 32% increase, reaching 402 million shares, up from 305 million shares the day before.

The most actively traded shares included “Snam” with 37.4 million shares, followed by “IFFA” with 32.2 million shares, and “Kuwait Real Estate” with 29.8 million shares.

The general index inched up by 0.03%, adding 2.3 points to reach 7,265 points, while the main market index experienced a 1.3% surge, gaining 77.7 points to reach 5,954 points; conversely, the permier market index declined by 0.3%, dropping 24.5 points to reach 7,962 points.

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