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KNL director inspects public library buildings in Al-Zahra and Al-Salam

Director of the Kuwait National Library (KNL) conducted an inspection of the public library buildings in the Al-Zahra and Al-Salam areas, currently occupied by the Public Libraries Department of the Ministry of Education. This inspection is in preparation for the handover process, in accordance with Cabinet Resolution No. 1076/2014.

Educational sources have informed Al-Jarida that the procedures for transferring Library Department employees to the Ministry’s General Office have already commenced.

As part of these steps, the Ministry has initiated the transfer of the Academic Certificates Department, which is under Student Affairs Monitoring, and has started the process of vacating the space designated for the Central Library and Public Libraries Administration.

The Undersecretary of the Educational Facilities Sector, Muhammad Al-Khalidi, addressed the Assistant Undersecretary for Educational Development, emphasizing the importance of instructing the library administration to prepare for the move to the Ministry’s General Office building.

The move is in response to communications from the National Council for Culture, Arts, and Letters, the latest of which was received on October 15, 2023. These communications stress the necessity of handing over public library buildings in the Al-Zahraa and Al-Salam regions as part of the implementation of the Council of Ministers’ decision to transfer the affiliation of public libraries from the Ministry of Education to the National Council.

Sources indicate that the transfer of library management employees is scheduled for the upcoming month of February. The facilities sector has completed preparations for the designated space, and parking access cards will be provided to administration employees.

In addition to these changes, the library administration has successfully undertaken several purposeful development projects aligned with the state’s approach to digital transformation. The library classification project has been concluded, establishing specific controls and conditions for classifying school libraries, subject to annual classification and arrangement based on the contributions made during the academic year.

Furthermore, the administration has finalized the preparation of a program for electronic inventory and a digital repository for libraries. The program, developed by the administration’s national cadres, aims to enhance the accessibility and organization of library resources.

Currently, the administration is actively working on completing an electronic book display program, a project expected to significantly advance the provision of electronic learning resources to various users, including learners, teachers, mentors, and anyone interested in educational affairs, through approved educational accounts.

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