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KIC wins award for best investment institution in 2023

Lulwah Al-Fouzan, Vice President of Human Resources Management at Kuwait Investment Company, said the company’s qualitative investment in its human capital is a strategic move towards achieving sustainability across all performance indicators.

This approach, she said, played a significant role in the company being honored with the “Best Investment Company – Kuwait 2023” award by the International Finance magazine while at the same time highlighting the importance of attracting qualified national talents and fostering a team spirit with constructive mechanisms to ensure ongoing success and sustainable growth, reports Al-Qabas daily.

Expressing the team’s honor for the prestigious award, Al-Fouzan underscored the collective enthusiasm within the company to uphold Kuwait Investment Company’s high standards, aligning with international benchmarks to meet the aspirations of current and future customers. Over six decades, the company has undergone strategic restructuring phases, solidifying its position as a prominent player in the investment sector, driven by the dedication of its human resources.

Al-Fouzan noted that the recognition as the “Best Investment Company – Kuwait” reflects confidence in the company’s leadership and position in the investment sector.

The award is a testament to the team’s capability, extensive experience, and unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional results for shareholders and clients. She emphasized the continued efforts of the company to excel in the investment sector and provide outstanding services and products to customers.

Noura Al-Hashash, Assistant Vice President of the Business Development Department, attributed Kuwait Investment Company’s development into a prominent player in the investment sector to its extensive experience since 1961, making it the oldest investment company in the Gulf region. She highlighted the company’s flexibility in facing global and local market challenges, rooted in a culture of persistence and continuous adaptation to changing dynamics.

Al-Hashash emphasized that Kuwait Investment Company’s strength lies in its advanced methodology, leading the company toward the future with clear signals. The company’s management fosters a culture of continuous learning, investing in education and development tools for its team while maintaining a sustainable approach for profitability.

The mature work climate, characterized by applying international standards and principles, enables the teams to adapt quickly to market transformations.

Looking ahead to 2024, Al-Hashash outlined Kuwait Investment Company’s plans to leverage emerging opportunities, adopt sustainable investment practices, and expand globally. She said, the focus will be on market expectations and prospects to enhance investment portfolios and provide optimal financial returns. Qualitative partnerships with strategic allies will be a priority, along with ongoing employee development programs to navigate anticipated transformations in the investment sector.

Al-Hashash emphasized the company’s commitment to ethical business practices as a crucial aspect of its integrated strategies, ensuring continued systematic and sustainable success in the dynamic landscape beyond 2024.

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