Investors shift focus to cash distributions as general assemblies commence

With the onset of general assemblies, investors are recalibrating their strategies, placing greater emphasis on rapid cash distributions from top-tier companies rather than market fluctuations.

Both local and foreign accounts are reflecting this trend, with robust purchases observed in bank stocks ahead of upcoming assemblies this month. Foreign investment in the stock market has surged, reaching 5.47 billion dinars in the latest settlement this week, reports Al-Jarida daily.

The level of liquidity in the market is a key consideration for many investors and observers, serving as a reassuring indicator irrespective of market direction.

Investment sources revealed that major firms are receiving new portfolios on a weekly basis, and the opening of new accounts, both locally and internationally, continues unabated.

Investors are banking on the sustained performance and resilience of leading companies, buoyed by stringent regulatory oversight and crackdowns on manipulation. This aggressive enforcement of the law acts as a deterrent to manipulative practices, providing a solid foundation for investment decisions.

Furthermore, there is a growing focus on expanding the investment pool to encompass a diverse range of investment tools. This approach aims to attract professional investors on a broader scale, fostering a variety of trends and providing investors with the means to diversify risks and build positions across multiple instruments.

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