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Interior Ministry fully geared for smooth conduct of elections

As the 2024 National Assembly elections loom on the horizon, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Defense, and Acting Minister of Interior Sheikh Fahd Al-Yousef emphasized the necessity of thorough preparations and security measures to ensure the smooth conduct of the electoral process.

Al-Yousef underscored the importance of facilitating citizens’ exercise of their constitutional right to vote without hindrance. In a statement to Al-Qabas, Al-Yousef asserted that the Ministry of Interior is committed to confronting practices such as vote-buying with unwavering resolve.

He reiterated the ministry’s vigilance in monitoring such activities and holding accountable those who infringe upon the law without leniency.

Al-Yousef further stated that strict enforcement of the law will apply universally, with no exceptions. He emphasized the ministry’s determination to pursue and penalize any violators, as has been the practice in past elections, ensuring the integrity of the electoral process remains intact.

Regarding his meeting with Saleh Al-Fadala, head of the Central Agency for Addressing the Situations of Illegal Residents, Al-Yousef clarified that it was a cordial and coordinating visit without any specific mechanisms adopted. However, he emphasized the imperative of developing a comprehensive approach to resolve the longstanding issue of the bedoun. The discussions between Al-Yousef and Al-Fadala centered on enhancing coordination between the Central Agency and relevant state entities to comprehensively tackle the issue of illegal residents.

Al-Yousef stressed the urgency of devising effective solutions to address the complexity of the Bidoon issue, stating that it is untenable to leave it unresolved. He emphasized that every individual, regardless of status, deserves dignity and full rights upon proper documentation.

Highlighting the principle of equality under the law, Al-Yousef reiterated that all individuals within the state are entitled to rights and protections.

The Central Agency provided a detailed presentation during the meeting, supported by evidence and statistics, outlining its efforts in addressing the issue of the illegal residents or the so-called bedoun.

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