Indulgence and Well-being: A Journey Through Zulal Wellness Spa by Chiva Som in Qatar

By Nourah Khan
Travel Writer, The Times Kuwait

In the current global scenario where transforming one’s lifestyle and unhealthy habits are considered impractical and unfeasible, one must realize that while they might be quite challenging or time consuming, there is always room for attaining them and having a doable and everlasting change. These changes may be made via various means; therapy sessions, getting inspiration from a personality or person, finding solace at a place, etc. One such transformation could be found by experiencing what the Zulal Wellness Spa in Qatar has to offer.

Located at the northern tip of Qatar-The Land of Eternal Sunshine, the Zulal Wellness Resort is a coastal home that welcomes visitors all over the world to enjoy a wide range of natural treatments for those seeking wellbeing from a physical issue to a psychological stability. It is the first integrated health resort in the Middle East and the spa adds a new dimension that opens doors to a world of luxury. It is considered the largest health resort in Qatar, and provides innovative services and treatments based on the principles of Islamic and Arab medical sciences that have been passed down through generations.

The Zulal Wellness Resort was established by Chiva-Som, a resort that is a global leader in the field of luxury, launched from Thailand and has created an exclusive, transformative experience for living life in a new way that is based on respect for the forces of nature and promotes the release of the natural energies of guests at the all-inclusive resort.

The term “Zulal” means pure natural water and has been adopted to express the properties of water; Zulal Resort- a nature found in the desert. In the heart of the desert, an hour and a half drive from Hamad International Airport, away from the noise of the city, the unique experience begins with Zulal Spa. Upon initial arrival, the guests receive a personal consultation with a health and wellness consultant to design a unique program that matches their health goals. Here, the guests will be able to communicate with a unique group of professionals who will provide them with the best services and support throughout their health and wellness journey at the resort.

The All-Inclusive Getaway Retreat includes personal health and wellness consultations to customize your treatments to suit guests’ health goals, three healthy meals daily, and various physical and recreational activities, including a gym, hydrothermal area, sauna and steam room, a Himalayan salt room, as well as other daily spa treatments such as full body, scalp and foot massages. In addition, the guests will receive personal treatments, fitness training, and physical therapy during their stay to ensure maximum health benefits.

By offering guests a wide range of luxurious amenities, The Zulal Health Spa sets new standards in luxury. This haven of tranquility seamlessly blends luxurious amenities, holistic treatments derived from the principles of Arab Islamic medicine and invigorating fitness programs in order to provide a truly rejuvenating experience.

From elegantly designed relaxation lounges to private suites decorated with the finest furnishings, every detail is designed to enhance the feeling of luxury. The spa’s tranquil atmosphere and world-class facilities create an oasis of calmness, inviting guests to relax and escape the hassles of everyday life.

The guests are treated to a selection of therapeutic treatments that harmonize body, mind and spirit. Expert therapists draw on ancient healing traditions and modern wellness techniques, ensuring a personalized experience tailored to individual needs. From rejuvenating massages to holistic beauty rituals, every treatment is a journey towards balance and vitality.

Being the current day novel touristic destination in Qatar and the largest spa facility, the Zulal Wellness Resort extends over an area of ​​280,000 square meters offering two distinct experiences: “Zulal Serenity” for individual guests, and “Zulal Discovery” for families, both of which allow visitors to enjoy a wide range of natural treatments that are based on the principles of Arab and Islamic medical sciences that have been passed down through generations, using original local ingredients.

The integrated and comprehensive services and treatments at Zulal Wellness Resort focus on dealing with chronic diseases and promoting health through proper nutrition, fasting, detoxification, and the use of medicinal herbs. Moreover, the resort addresses the health needs of the modern society through digital detox programs for families and individuals alike, inviting them to focus on each other or delve into themselves. Guests can also relax with the resort’s wide range of indoor and outdoor facilities which includes, outdoor pools and lagoons, elegant restaurants and a test kitchen, health and wellness centers, fitness center, Pilates studio, physiotherapy room, beauty treatment center, and a ballroom to host special occasions and events.

The Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som was designed, aiming to support guests in reorganizing their healthy habits, replenishing their diminished batteries and reconnecting with nature.

The Zulal Spa is not just an ordinary spa; It is a destination where luxury and wellness meet to create an unparalleled experience for those wanderers who are in their journey to find sources to transform their lifestyle and unhealthy habits and lead a healthy life or the pinnacle of tranquility.

Noura Khan, a travel influencer and content creator, is a Kuwaiti national, holds a degree in law from Kuwait University and has worked as a journalist prior to taking up a position in the government. In 2018 she started blogging on travel and visited more than 57 countries since. She has more than 97k followers on her blog post @nourajtraveller is well appreciated for content and travel information. Noura writes exclusively for The Times Kuwait on her travel visits.


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