Indians require e-Visa to transit Turkey

Attention travellers! Starting April 15, 2024, passengers from specific nationalities transiting through Istanbul Airport, Turkey en route to several South American destinations will require an electronic airport transit visa (e-HTV).

This measure, implemented by Türkiye, aims to regulate irregular migration and enhance security protocols in line with international aviation standards.

Who Needs This New e-Visa?

With a surge in irregular migrants using air routes via Turkey to reach North America from various countries in the Middle East and Latin America, the need for intensified inspections has become paramount.

This new requirement for an e-visa to transit applies to travellers holding passports from the following countries:

  1. Afghanistan
  2. Burkina Faso
  3. Cameroon
  4. Chad
  5. Guinea
  6. India
  7. Mauritania
  8. Nepal
  9. Somalia
  10. Yemen

If your itinerary involves transiting through Istanbul Airport on your way to any of the listed South American countries (Brazil, Cuba, Mexico, Panama, or Venezuela), you’ll need to obtain an e-HTV before your departure.

Why the New Requirement?

Turkish authorities are implementing this measure to strengthen border security and manage irregular migration. The country serves as a crucial transit point for travellers between various regions, and these new regulations aim to streamline the process while upholding security standards.

How to Apply for the e-HTV

The good news is that the application process for the Turkey e-Visa (e-HTV) is free and entirely online. You can submit your application through the official website of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Make sure to have your travel details, residential address, and flight ticket information readily available for a smooth application process.

Step 1 – Visit the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs website: The application process for the e-HTV is entirely online. Search for the e-Visa application page on the official website.

Step 2 – Fill out the application form: Make sure you have your travel details, residential address information, and flight ticket numbers ready. Enter these details accurately in the designated fields on the application form.

Step 3 – Submit your application: Once you’ve reviewed all the information for accuracy, submit your completed e-Visa application online.

Step 4 – Print your e-Visa: After your application is approved, download and print a copy of your e-HTV. This printed document will be required for verification upon arrival at Istanbul Airport.

What to Expect at Istanbul Airport

Upon arrival at the Istanbul Airport International Transit Passenger Hall, passengers with e-HTVs will have their visas verified at designated checkpoints. Once verified, you can proceed through security and head to your departure gate. Remember to carry a printed copy of your e-HTV for a hassle-free transit experience.

Important Note for Travellers to Venezuela

Travellers flying to Venezuela with a connecting flight through Istanbul Airport should be aware of additional requirements. Passengers must enter Venezuela through Caracas Simon Bolivar Airport and possess specific documents, including;

  • A visa confirmation
  • Proof of accommodation
  • A return ticket, and
  • A notarized invitation letter (if applicable).

This new e-HTV requirement aims to enhance security and improve the overall transit experience for travellers at Istanbul Airport. By planning ahead and obtaining the necessary e-Visa, you can ensure a smooth and secure journey to your final destination.

 Source: Travelobiz

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