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Indian Arts Federation organised Iftar meet

The Iftar banquet organized by the Indian Arts Federation Kuwait (IAF) at the Mangaf Kalasadan Auditorium was notable for its public representation and organizational excellence. IAF President Sherine Mathew presided over the function which witnessed presence and participation of social workers, eminent personalities, artistic and cultural talents.

“Along with the severity of hunger, the days of Ramadan provide us with the right occasion to recognize the plight of others,” said Sameer Mohammed a prominent religious scholar and principal of an English Madrasa in Kuwait in his keynote address.

Preman Illath, IAF Chairman and famous writer, inaugurated the ceremony. He reminded us that fasting is also a time when instinctual empathy is concentrated. Shemej kumar Future Eye Theater Chairman , Biju kadavil Trissur Association President ,Unnimaya Member of Loka Kerala Sabha , Rajive Naduvilemuri AJAPAK chairman ,shyjith Pravasi Legal Cell General Secretary ,Anil P Alex Senior Journalist ,Anu Malappuram District Association Chairperson ,Aniyankunju Welfare Kerala Vice President ,George Thiruvananthapuram ( (Texas) Association General Secretary offered their greetings and well wishes.

Chairman Preman Illathu honoured the keynote speaker Sameer Muhammad with a memento on behalf of the Indian Arts Federation. President Sherine Mathew said in her speech that the IAF aims to uphold the great artistic heritage of India and pass it on to the new generation. Cultural Secretary Nirmala Devi presided over the Iftar party under the leadership of Joint Secretary Murali Murukanandan, Bony Kurian, Kannan, Prateesh, Jerry, Kiran and Priya.

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