Increasing Gulf investment in British and European healthcare sectors expected

Wealthy investment funds from Gulf countries are planning to inject substantial capital into life sciences, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare assets in Britain and Europe as healthcare markets rapidly develop in the Gulf region. A report by Aspen Capital predicts that healthcare spending in the Gulf countries will reach $135.5 billion by 2027, reflecting a 5.4% increase from 2022, reported Al-Jarida Daily.

The report, highlighted by the National website, emphasizes that the growth in the Gulf’s healthcare sector is primarily concentrated in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, which are predicted to account for approximately 80% of the region’s healthcare sector by 2027. Jonathan Evans, Director of the British Health Technology Industries Association, revealed that significant investments are pouring into the healthcare sector from Gulf countries.

He mentioned that the United Kingdom alone is home to 4,500 companies involved in health technology, in addition to thousands of pharmaceutical and healthcare firms. Evans believes that Britain’s robust investment environment will attract substantial funding, leading to numerous deals in the coming years. Evans further emphasized that there has been a rise in individuals opting for private healthcare instead of relying on national health agencies, resulting in longer waiting lists within governmental healthcare institutions, particularly following the COVID-19 pandemic in recent years.

Liz Heath, a professional at healthcare consulting firm Laing Poisson, stated that the lengthy wait times for national health services, coupled with media coverage about patients choosing private healthcare centers, have led to more individuals seeking private healthcare services. Evans expressed his belief that the British government has taken encouraging steps to facilitate foreign investment in the life sciences and healthcare sectors in the United Kingdom. He highlighted the country’s strong healthcare infrastructure and global leadership in research, emphasizing the government’s commitment to supporting the sector by expanding scientific research opportunities and equipping British companies for growth.

Mohammed Abu Shawish, Director of the Gulf Region at Japanese pharmaceutical company Kiwa Pharma, acknowledged the Gulf region’s growing prominence as a key hub for the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors in the Middle East, particularly over the next decade. He noted that the strategic geographical location of Gulf countries, serving as a bridge between East and West, positions them as an ideal center for international healthcare companies.

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