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ILOA students engage in inspiring session on ‘Discipline in Life’

The session aimed to highlight discipline's significance and offer practical tips, covering aspects like time management, goal setting, and self-control across life's various aspects.

  • “Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.”-Jim Rohn

On April 3rd, students from the Indian Learners’ Own Academy, Kuwait (ILOA) gathered in the auditorium for a session on ‘Discipline in Life.’

The session aimed to highlight the significance of discipline across different life aspects and offer practical tips for its application.

The session was led by Mr. Venkatesh, the CEO of Trans W General Trading & Contracting Co. He is also an Art of Living Foundation teacher with 20 years of teaching experience and is known for his passion for social transformation and involvement in various student programs.

The session covered various aspects of discipline, such as time management, goal setting, and self-control. Mr. Venkatesh emphasized the importance of discipline using real-life examples and anecdotes, making the content relatable to the students. Interactive activities were also included to boost engagement and understanding.

Students actively participated, sharing their own discipline-related experiences. The lively discussions reflected a genuine interest in implementing discipline in their lives.

The main takeaways from the session include, understanding the role of discipline in achieving personal and academic goals, learning effective time management techniques to prioritize tasks and avoid distractions, recognizing the importance of self-discipline in developing habits that lead to success and embracing challenges as opportunities for growth and resilience.

In conclusion, the session offered valuable insights and practical tools for students to cultivate discipline in their personal and academic pursuits.

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