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Housing Welfare Corporation faces shortfall as allocated units reach capacity

The corporation has announced its intention to distribute 4,400 housing units in accordance with the plan for the Sulaibiya and South Kairouan projects next June

  • The housing units designated for eligible citizens receiving housing assistance are running out. With 95,428 citizens already accommodated, the Housing Welfare Corporation is on the verge of a shortfall.

The statistics from the General Corporation for Housing Welfare unveil an impending issue it faces: a depletion of its allocated housing units for eligible citizens under housing care. So far, 95,428 citizens have been accommodated, leaving the corporation on the brink of shortfall.

Statistics indicate that the distribution of vouchers for the city of South Saad Al-Abdullah is projected to be completed by the middle of next year. The corporation has announced its intention to distribute 4,400 housing units in accordance with the plan for the Sulaibiya and South Kairouan projects next June. It is anticipated that these distributions will conclude by mid-2025.

Based on the statistics, it seems that the most recent project proposed is the city of South Saad Al-Abdullah, which comprises 23,551 plots. Of these, 14,042 have been distributed, leaving approximately 9,509 plots remaining. Additionally, the Sulaibiya and South Kairouan project, expected to consist of 4,400 housing units, is anticipated to commence distribution next June.

The foundation mentioned on its website that it has two upcoming projects that have yet to be planned. The first project is Nawaf Al-Ahmad City, situated on the western side of Kuwait City, 110 kilometers from the capital. It will encompass 52,000 housing units.

Similarly, the second proposed project is Al-Sabriya, located in the north of the country, approximately 60 kilometers from the capital. This project will also comprise 52,000 housing units. Therefore, the total number of housing units in future projects will be approximately 104,000.

An informed source within the corporation informed Al-Rai newspaper, stating, “The corporation is presently working on implementing the housing cities law and has engaged with various international bodies concerning the establishment of housing cities. It is committed to taking significant steps aimed at addressing the housing issue and meeting the rising demand for housing.”

The source further added, “The corporation recently held discussions with a delegation from the Chinese Chamber of Commerce to explore opportunities for enhancing cooperation in the construction and housing sectors.”

The source indicated that “the planning of housing projects requires time to ensure they adequately meet the needs of citizens.” Additionally, “the implementation of new laws will enable the corporation to circumvent the challenges associated with financing infrastructure projects. However, this process entails time to identify suitable land and establish the companies responsible for executing the new housing projects.”

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