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Hospital for Kuwaiti retirees will cost PIFSS 55.8 million dinars

The construction cost of the hospital for retirees is estimated at 55.8 million dinars, with an anticipated completion by the end of 2027, according to a document obtained by Al-Qabas.

The Public Institution for Social Security (PIFSS) has made significant progress in overcoming obstacles to initiate the study, design, construction, and operation of the hospital for retirees.

The Kuwait Medical City Company, established for this purpose in January 2012 with a capital of 40 million dinars, is currently spearheading the project, owned 99.94% by the PIFSS through a portfolio of Wafra International Investment Company.

The document reveals that the company is actively pursuing approvals from various government agencies, including the Ministries of Electricity, Water, Renewable Energy, and Public Works, as well as the General Authority for Roads and Land Transport.

All necessary plans for infrastructure development have been submitted to these entities to expedite the establishment of the hospital.

The Public Institution for Social Security oversees the study, design, construction, and operation of the project, which will provide high-quality healthcare for Kuwaiti retirees. The project, located in the Amghara region on an 860,000-square-meter plot previously housing a car garage.

The medical project encompasses a hospital with 400 beds, expandable to 800 beds, and includes specialized centers for heart disease, respiratory, digestive, urinary tract, kidney, and bone conditions.

Additionally, the hospital will offer various medical services, such as outpatient clinics, long-term care, and rehabilitation.

The surrounding area will feature non-medical elements like residential, commercial, entertainment, and green spaces. While the original completion target was March 31, 2026, there is an expectation of a slight delay until the end of 2027.

A recent meeting with the Ministry of Public Works involves delivering special plans for the hospital, outlining project details, water requirements, implementation plans, and necessary connection points. The establishment of the Kuwait Medical City Company by the Social Insurance Corporation serves multiple purposes, including managing cities, hospitals, and medical products, importing medical devices and equipment, and recruiting specialized workers.

The company is also authorized to invest financial surpluses in financial portfolios as per its articles of incorporation and association.

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