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Government stands firm: ‘Strategic alternative’ remains unchanged

The "strategic alternative" needs thorough economic scrutiny due to its annual cost of around one billion dinars from the state budget, a government source said

According to a government source, Al-Qabas newspaper reported that the Civil Service Commission discussed the “strategic alternative” comprehensively, affirming that no additional amendments will be made. The proposal is set to be submitted to the Economic Committee of the Council of Ministers.

The source explained that the “strategic alternative” file will be submitted to the Economic Committee for discussion on its components, included amounts, and implementation mechanism. This step is in preparation for approval and presentation to the National Assembly, following the scheduled elections on April 4.

The source mentioned that the “strategic alternative” requires an economic vision and scrutiny from all angles, given that it will cost the state budget approximately one billion dinars annually. One of the key issues the Council of Ministers will address is to avoid burdening the state budget and to explore alternative non-oil resources to support the approval of the alternative. It indicated that the Council of Ministers will once again discuss the eligibility criteria for the alternative.

Regarding the issue of filling vacant leadership positions, the source revealed a list of names for new leaders. These names will be submitted to the Civil Service Commission this week, in preparation for their submission to the upcoming sessions of the Council of Ministers.

It was stated that many ministers held meetings with acting leaders and candidates for permanent positions in their regions. They discussed their future visions for development work before submitting the names to the Service Bureau.

The sources pointed out that some ministers informed the Council of Ministers that the workflow in their regions had almost halted due to leadership vacancies. They were then urged to expedite the nomination of leaders’ names to achieve progress, particularly in vital sectors that cannot afford delays.

The sources further explained that the batches of new leaders will continue during the month of Ramadan as part of the government’s plan to expedite filling vacant leadership positions in the regions.

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