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Government agencies reviewing employees’ academic certificates

The review and audit will include all academic certificates issued after the year 2000 by any local or foreign educational institution.

  • The examination of academic certificates aims to ensure integrity and create a new database.

  • Punitive measures for fraud cases may include terminating services and returning money obtained through false qualifications.

Government agencies are actively implementing measures to review academic certificates issued after the year 2000 for employees. Informed sources confirmed to Al-Rai newspaper that this review includes validating high qualifications acquired by government employees either prior to their appointment or during their tenure.

The sources stated that the review and audit will include all academic certificates issued by any local or foreign educational body. This includes graduates of Kuwait University, local private universities, certificates from private local institutes, or those issued by external parties and their equivalents according to official frameworks.

The sources pointed out that although the measures to be taken in the event of discovering any cases of fraud or forgery have not been announced, it is natural that punitive measures may include, by analogy with previous cases resulting in unjustified benefit, terminating the services of anyone proven to have falsified their qualifications. This may also involve obliging them to return any sums of money they received based on their false testimony.

The sources mentioned that the objectives of the examination are not only limited to ensuring the integrity of the educational certificates of government agency employees but also extend to creating a new database for these qualifications. This database will be relied upon in the future to evaluate businesses.

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