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Government addresses parliamentary election procedures

The Council of Ministers recently reviewed recommendations from the Ministerial Legal Committee regarding the upcoming National Assembly elections. According to informed sources cited by Al-Rai, individuals who have reached the age of 21 will have their names automatically added to the voter lists based on the address listed on their civil ID cards.

As a result, the voter lists for the 2024 elections will mirror those of 2023, with the addition of individuals of both genders who have reached the age of 21.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Information has affirmed its commitment to directly address and take action against media outlets and electronic news channels spreading rumors regarding amendments to election laws related to citizenship matters. The ministry has stated its intention to refer those responsible for disseminating such rumors to the Public Prosecution in accordance with applicable laws.

Lafi Al-Subaie, Assistant Undersecretary for the Press, Publishing, and Publications Sector at the Ministry of Information, emphasized the ministry’s vigilance in monitoring and addressing violations related to the spreading of rumors.

He highlighted that 26 media violations have been identified in this regard, and legal measures will be pursued against the perpetrators. Al-Subaie underscored the importance of relying on official sources for accurate information and emphasized the need to strengthen national unity and cohesion, in accordance with the National Unity Law.

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