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Germany, Kuwait hold talks on security agreement: Reibnitz

H.E. Hans-Christian von Reibnitz, Germany's Ambassador to Kuwait, emphasized that defense and security cooperation is crucial in bilateral relations between the two countries.

H.E. Hans-Christian von Reibnitz, Germany’s Ambassador to Kuwait, warned against illegal offices aiding visa applications, urging travelers to avoid them to prevent visa rejection due to fake reservations.

Reibnitz said, the German Visa Center is ready for multi-entry applications from Kuwaitis, stressing early submission and complete document readiness before travel.


While His Excellency Hans-Christian von Reibnitz, the Ambassador of Germany to Kuwait, confirmed the existence of a standing invitation from his country to discuss defense and security cooperation with Kuwait, considering it a crucial aspect of bilateral relations, he also disclosed ongoing discussions between the two countries concerning a security agreement encompassing training, cooperation, information exchange, and joint analysis.

He added in a statement to reporters on the sidelines of the breakfast banquet he held in honor of the media, We attach the utmost importance to the naval forces, pointing out the presence of a European mission in the Red Sea, working to secure maritime navigation in the Red Sea, which facilitates trade flow.

Kuwaiti Schengen exemption

He stressed the readiness of the German Visa Center to receive all multi-entry applications from Kuwaitis, emphasizing the need to submit applications early and provide all required documents before travel.

He said, We are prepared to accept visa applications for the upcoming summer season starting now to avoid overcrowding, mentioning his country’s support for exempting Kuwaitis from Schengen, which is a lengthy process. He jokingly added, I don’t have a magic wand that can expedite that.

He warned potential travelers to his country against dealing with illegal offices and individuals who complete visa application forms and paperwork on their behalf, as they may use fake hotel and ticket reservations which can lead to visa rejection. He stressed that the embassy does not collaborate with travel agencies, and visa applications must be submitted through approved channels to ensure valid visas.

Regarding Article 17 holders obtaining a visa to enter Germany, he said, The documents carried by the Bidoonare not a passport approved by us in Germany, but there are cases whose status can be studied individually.

Cultural cooperation

Reibnitz revealed that their embassy will hold a music festival at the Jaber Cultural Center next April, pointing out that cultural relations have not risen to the required level. He stressed that both sides seek to develop this aspect of their relations.

Health cooperation

He explained that obtaining a treatment visa in Germany is simple, but the issue lies in the foreign companions accompanying the patients, which requires a long time to obtain the visa.

Study missions

He stressed that many scholarships are granted by German universities to Kuwaitis. However, Kuwaitis are often reluctant due to the requirement to study in the German language, which differs from the British and American systems.

He added, I am proud that there are a number of Kuwaiti doctors who are graduates of German universities. They are highly qualified and constitute an important number in the Kuwaiti healthcare system.

Kuwaiti hospitality lauded

He praised the Kuwaiti heritage tradition of visiting diwaniya, pointing out that it was their second year with a large number of diwaniyas visited, reaching about 28 diwaniyas belonging to well-known Kuwaiti families this month, with seven of them being small. He praised the topics discussed in the diwaniyas, which included legal, political, and social aspects.

He expressed his happiness at the warm reception and hospitality he received during his visit to these diwaniyas. He mentioned that such warmth is something they miss in Germany, and the Kuwaiti ambassador to Germany also misses it because it’s challenging for him to communicate with German society, just as it is for the speaker to communicate with Kuwaiti society.

He pointed out that Kuwait has not yet appointed its ambassador to Berlin, and they expect that to happen before this summer, following the formation of the new government. He also praised the relations between the two countries in various fields.

Germany aims to stop Mideast conflict

He pointed out the heated situation in the Middle East, highlighting that his country’s Foreign Minister began her sixth tour of the Middle East since last October in an attempt to find a solution to the conflict in the region. He explained that his country’s position on this crisis is to halt the bloodshed.

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