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Generosity unleashed: Eid Al-Fitr aid deposited for 2,416 minors

The General Authority for Minors' Affairs distributed the cash among beneficiaries from 792 families who meet the specified conditions and criteria.

The General Authority for Minors’ Affairs has deposited Eid al-Fitr aid into the bank accounts of eligible minors under its care. This aid has been received by 2,416 beneficiaries from 792 families who meet the specified conditions and criteria.

Engineer Hamad Al-Barjas, the Director-General of the authority, explained in a press statement on this occasion that the authority is keen to keep up with the requirements of its minor children. As usual, it disburses salaries, entitlements, and assistance to those under its care before the holidays.

Al-Barjas stressed the authority’s commitment to continuously strengthen its social, humanitarian, living, residential, educational, recreational, and other programs. This includes supporting needy families and continuously developing these programs and their delivery mechanisms for deserving individuals.
Additionally, programs to support various charitable, social, religious, health, and educational organizations are also emphasized.

Al-Barjas stressed that the authority is keen on sustaining the aid programs and developing its system. The goal is to reduce the burden and provide necessary support to beneficiary families to meet the increasing requirements of life and living needs during holiday periods.

Al-Barjas pointed out that, in addition to strengthening aid programs, the authority has developed and facilitated disbursement mechanisms for beneficiaries through digital transformation programs and applications. These include the authority’s website and the ‘Sahel’ government application.

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