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GCC Commercial Arbitration Center launches professional program in arbitration

Gulf Cooperation Council Commercial Arbitration Center (GCCCAC) is offering a pioneering initiative to qualify specialized arbitrators in adjudicating commercial disputes. The training period is from 8 November until 29 December 2021.

In a media briefing last week, the Secretary-General of the GCC Commercial Arbitration Center, Tareq Yousef Al-Shumaimry said that the Center is commencing a new program designed to train arbitrators and qualify them to become professionals in arbitration of commercial disputes.

He noted that the center achieved “great success this year by presenting its various programs in an innovative way using modern communication technologies, including conducting online programs through the use of video conferencing and other means. However, we did not stop with just this, and have continued to strengthen the quality of our programs by reviewing and adding new stages in these programs.”

He pointed out that the legal environment for commercial arbitration is characterized by the complexity of laws and rules related to business and commercial activities. “Through its multiple specialized programs in arbitration, the center aims to provide qualified personnel in the arbitration field, by training them in the local and international laws, agreements and regulations that govern their practice of the arbitration profession, as well as the role assigned and responsibilities expected of them upon receiving the arbitration qualification.”

Al-Shumaimry added that the new program being launched is the second in a series of training programs. “In this second edition that we are holding of the engineering arbitration program this year, we have increased the content with a new stage so that it now consists of six stages, rather than the five stages that was present in the previous version.

He also revealed that the Center is seeking to present several new specialization courses in commercial arbitration in the coming year. The Secretary-General explained. “The strength of enforcement of judgments issued by the Gulf Arbitration Center in all countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council states needs to be accompanied with the presence of a qualified arbitrator to lead the arbitration process, right from the beginning when a case is submitted until the execution judge issues the final judgement. This is what the Center seeks to achieve through the specialized courses that we offer.”

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