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Flavors unite: Canadian embassy delights Kuwait with ‘Taste of Canada’ event

Leading food distribution company, United Supply Food Services, announces its exclusive partnership in sourcing premium-quality Canadian beef for Kuwait.

The Embassy of Canada in Kuwait, in collaboration with United Supply Food Services (U.S. Food Services) and Certified Angus Beef, successfully wrapped up its signature “Taste of Canada” event on March 4th at Argan Al Bidaa Hotel and Resort. The event brought together executive chefs, food industry stakeholders, and representatives from top Kuwaiti companies to showcase premium Canadian beef.

The event aimed to promote the superior quality of Canadian beef products to Kuwait by showcasing an array of prime cuts, including strip loin, marbled prime rib, short ribs, and briskets, prepared at live interactive cooking stations.

Additionally, the event featured a barbecue showcase by Chef Mario Aoun, Founder of BBQBros and Director of the World BBQ Association, as well as the contribution of renowned food authority and influencer, Mr. Anthony Rahayel, best known as NoGarlicNoOnions.

H.E. Aliya Mawani, Canada’s ambassador to Kuwait, expressed, “We take pride in showcasing the finest Canadian beef to Kuwait through the ‘Taste of Canada’ beef promotion. This event not only underscores the premium quality of Canadian products but also bolsters the economic and cultural bonds between Canada and Kuwait, strategically positioning Canada as a pivotal partner in fulfilling Kuwait’s food security objectives. It’s a celebration of Canada’s robust agricultural heritage and our mutual passion for exceptional cuisine.”

Mr. Kassem Atoui, Managing Director of United Supply Food Services (U.S. Food Services), declared, “As a leading food distribution company operating since 2008, specializing in sourcing quality halal beef, we’re thrilled to announce our exclusive partnership in sourcing premium quality Canadian beef. This initiative caters to the burgeoning interest and refined palate of Kuwait’s culinary scene. Our goal is to deliver the ultimate dining experience to all our customers.”

This initiative represents a significant milestone in promoting Canadian agri-food products in Kuwait, providing a platform for Kuwaiti consumers, restaurants, and businesses to experience the exceptional quality of Canadian beef.

Following the Taste of Canada event, Mawani emphasized the certification of Canadian beef, highlighting its Angus certification meeting halal standards. She stressed the event’s pivotal role in showcasing Canadian meat products’ exceptional quality in Kuwait.

She highlighted that this event not only showcases the high quality of Canadian products but also bolsters economic and cultural ties between Canada and Kuwait. It strategically positions Canada as a pivotal partner in attaining food security goals in Kuwait. She added, “We believe in the power of food to unite people and foster cultural exchange, opening doors to new opportunities.”

She emphasized that Canada is renowned for its pristine natural environments, ideal for raising some of the world’s finest beef. “Quality is ingrained in our nature. Our dedication to excellence, sustainability, and ethical farming practices distinguishes Canadian beef globally,” she asserted.

40-ton meat shipment to Kuwait

The Canadian ambassador also announced the arrival of a 40-ton shipment of Canadian meat via air freight, comprising various types of beef. Additionally, she revealed plans for a new shipment next week, totaling approximately 100 tons, facilitated by a local agent in Kuwait.

The “Taste of Canada” event series, launched in February 2023, aims to showcase Canada’s culinary heritage and its top-quality beef and agri-food industry. These events promote Canadian products, highlight our commitment to quality and sustainability, and strengthen trade relations with Kuwait.

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