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Fire Department issue instructions to campers

The Directorate-General of Fire Department has called on campers to exercise caution, take preventive measures, and follow safety procedures during the camping period.

Director of the Public Relations and Media Department of the DGFD, Brigadier General Muhammad Al-Gharib, in a statement told the Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) that it is necessary to burn the coal outside the tent – for those who use coal to keep themselves warm during camping season — and turning off the electricity generator and all electrical appliances before going to sleep.

Brigadier General Al-Gharib said during the camping period the campers must place the stoves, firewood or charcoal outside the tents exclusively to prevent fires and/or cases of asphyxiation resulting from the inhalation of toxic carbon monoxide gas, which leads to death when windows and doors are closed.

He stressed the need for campers to stay away from openings and cracks in the ground that could form a shelter for insects, rodents, and poisonous reptiles, while the camping place must remain clean and free of dry grass to avoid the risk of fires, and to choose a camping site away from overhead power lines.

He called for ensuring the integrity of the electrical wires to prevent short circuits, and placing gas cylinder outside the kitchen tent and closed tightly when cooking is finished.

Al-Gharib called on land-goers to set up tents against the direction of the wind to avoid flying debris, to choose a high place to avoid being swept away should there be heavy rainfall and to leave a distance of no less than 6 meters between tents to avoid the spread of fire when it breaks out.

The Director of the Public Relations and Media Department of the Fire Force called on everyone, if they require assistance, not to hesitate to call the emergency phone 112.

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