Failure to resolve vision for Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh delays infrastructure improvement contract

In relation to the negligence accusations regarding the deteriorating services in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh and the potential environmental disaster caused by its outdated sewage network and high population density, sources in the Ministry of Public Works have revealed to Al-Jarida that the delay is due to the government’s inability to resolve the Kuwait Municipality’s vision for organizing the area.

According to the sources, Contract 160, aimed at improving the area’s infrastructure services, has been “postponed” as a result. Resolving the issue requires a decision from the new government regarding the area’s designation, whether it will be for investment, private housing, or a combination of both. The sources explained that despite criticism from the Parliamentary Environmental Affairs Committee, the matter remains stagnant with no progress.

The area of Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh is burdened with a high population density, leading to significant damage to the sewage network. This has resulted in sewage water overflowing onto the streets. The Ministry has attempted to alleviate the issue by using pumps in the area, but it is unable to cope with the large volumes of drainage from the densely populated region.

The lack of a clear regulatory position for the area, whether it will be designated for investment or private residential use, is the primary reason for the delay in repairing the network. The existing network is dilapidated, requiring a determination of the regulatory position before developing an appropriate plan for the drainage network, including its width based on the expected volume of water. The Ministry is committed to mitigating the environmental catastrophe in the area caused by the sewage, but the current measures taken are temporary solutions rather than permanent ones.

The government must take a decisive stance on this critical area, which is situated between the Sixth Ring Road and Ring Road 6.5 and in close proximity to several vital sites, including Jaber Al-Ahmad Stadium. It is worth noting that Minister of State for Municipal Affairs and Minister of State for Communications Affairs, Fahd Al-Shoula, submitted a memorandum to the Council of Ministers proposing four main recommendations for radical solutions to the problems in the region.

One of the recommendations includes expropriating the area by addressing the Expropriation Department in the Ministry of Finance for 1,545 parcels worth 1.4 billion dinars. However, the resolution of this matter, particularly regarding the proposal for expropriation, awaits a decision from the next government.

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