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Expatriates imprisoned for tampering with judicial rulings and forging blood samples

The Court of Appeal, led by Counselor Nasr Salem Al-Heid, has recently made significant decisions regarding two expatriates involved in unlawful activities in Kuwait. The first case involves an Egyptian expatriate who works as an employee in the Ministry of Justice, reported Al-Qabas Daily.

The court ruled to sentence him to a five-year imprisonment for his involvement in tampering with judicial rulings and entering incorrect data to release defendants. He had allegedly deceived individuals by making them believe that rulings were issued in their favor, all in exchange for bribes.

Similarly, the second case involved another expatriate who collaborated with others to forge blood samples of expatriates suffering from contagious diseases. This act was carried out in exchange for bribes, which the perpetrators used to facilitate residency applications in Kuwait.

The court handed down a ten-year imprisonment for this individual. It is worth noting that one of the accused had already been sentenced in absentia to the same penalty, and the court upheld this decision. In addition to these cases, the court also handed down ten-year prison sentences to three other defendants who were employees of the Ministry of Justice. They were found guilty of forgery and tampering with the analysis of blood samples to obtain residency permits for a number of individuals.

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