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Environmental authority tackles coastal erosion

The Environment Public Authority (EPA) is intensifying its efforts to combat coastal erosion, a growing threat to Kuwait’s shorelines and the properties they support.

Dr. Abdullah Al-Zaydan, Deputy Director General for Technical Affairs at the EPA, highlighted the alarming rate of erosion in some areas of Kuwait, particularly along the southern coast. This erosion, caused by natural and human factors, poses significant risks to coastal infrastructure, including private properties and chalets.

Erosion’s impact on chalets

Al-Zaydan emphasized the detrimental effects of coastal erosion on chalets located near the shoreline. As the coastline recedes, seawater levels rise, threatening these properties with inundation and damage.

To address the issue, the EPA is implementing a comprehensive strategy that combines short-term and long-term measures. This involves Implementing a short-term plan to rehabilitate and revitalize damaged shorelines while conducting a thorough long-term study of Kuwait’s erosion-prone coastlines in collaboration with research institutions. Focus must also be directed to developing sustainable measures to restore and protect the environment, taking into account climate change and rising sea levels.

Al-Zaydan stressed the importance of collaboration among all stakeholders, including government agencies, private entities, civil society, and the public, to achieve a successful and sustainable solution to coastal erosion.

In line with this collaborative approach, the EPA recently convened a meeting with representatives from the State Property Administration, the Kuwait Municipality, the Ministry of Electricity and Water, and chalet owners in Shalihat Ad-Daba’iya. The meeting aimed to address the challenges posed by coastal erosion in the area and develop strategies to protect properties and ensure public access.

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