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EMS helps reduce assaults on doctors

A report from an impartial committee within the Ministry of Health affirms the success of the recently approved electronic medical system (EMS) by Minister Dr. Ahmed Al-Awadhi.

The system has yielded numerous benefits, with a significant reduction in assaults on doctors and a decrease in the overall number of visitors, reaching up to 30% and even 50% in certain centers when compared to corresponding time periods in previous years, reports Al-Qabas daily.

The committee, as outlined in its report obtained by Al-Qabas, highlights that the electronic medical system has enhanced work quality, minimized waiting times at health centers, and relieved the burden on both medical service providers and recipients, ultimately enhancing patient satisfaction.

The report underscores that the system has played a pivotal role in mitigating patient congestion, especially among non-patients, leading to reduced waiting times and the prevention of unnecessary medication dispensing.

Additionally, it notes that the decision has saved time for doctors, lessening their workload, as well as alleviating the strain on receptionists and patients, resulting in a more streamlined and efficient healthcare process.

In terms of public health, the report points out that the electronic medical system has contributed to reducing the spread of diseases, particularly respiratory illnesses. Furthermore, it has diminished the likelihood of attacks on medical staff, simplified sick leave procedures without requiring a visit to the center, and lessened crowding when entering the doctor’s office.

The system’s impact extends to providing patients the opportunity to obtain sick leave without physically visiting the center if treatment is accessible elsewhere. It prioritizes genuine cases, curbing the tendency of feigning illness to receive medical care.

It has helped in averting attacks on doctors, addressing the shortage of personnel during evening shifts, including doctors, nurses, and administrators.

In terms of administrative efficiency, the report highlights the success of the system in expediting administrative processes. The “Sahel” application, in particular, stands out as an effective tool for accelerating sick leave procedures, thereby contributing to the overall enhancement of health management efficiency.

Most prominent benefits of electronic medicine

  • Reducing the burden on doctors and reception staff
  • Reducing the spread of respiratory diseases
  • Reducing crowding in primary care centers
  • Solving the problem of the shortage of doctors and nurses in the evening shift

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