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Employees urged to submit early requests for extending Eid holiday

Being absent before or after Eid al-Fitr will result in an absence from work, including the holiday, and may lead to salary deductions.

Al-Anbaa sources have confirmed that linking fingerprint of government agencies’ employees to the Civil Service Commission’s integrated systems will not diminish their outstanding bonuses.

Sources explained that all government agencies have adopted the employee evaluation system integrated into their systems. Therefore, the employee evaluation criteria for each agency must be linked to these systems, necessitating fingerprint linking to ensure transparency and prevent any issues that could affect employee evaluations.

Regarding the benefits of linking, sources said, “The fingerprint can only be modified through the ‘Diwan,’ so there will be no harm to employees of government
agencies except for those with non-compliant numbers.”

Sources added that the bureau has completed linking the footprints of government agencies to the integrated systems at the largest percentage. They also mentioned that within this year, the remaining agencies, institutions, and ministries will be linked.

Sources also advised employees who wish to extend the Eid al-Fitr holiday to submit an official leave request now, as it may not be submitted during or after the holiday. They continued by stating that if an employee is absent before or after the Eid al-Fitr holiday, the entire period will be counted as an absence from work, including the official holiday, and salary or end-of-service bonus deductions may occur.

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