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Embassy of Spain opens new BLS office in Kuwait City to enhance visa application services

With a view to improve and render more comfortable the services provided to the more than 30,000 annual applicants of Spanish visa, the Ambassador of Spain to the State of Kuwait and Bahrain, H.E. Miguel Moro Aguilar, proceeded today to inaugurate the new premises of BLS, the service provider of visa application collection to Spain.

The new BLS office is now located on the 6th floor of the Kamco Invest building in Kuwait City, leaving behind the old premises located in Baitak Tower.

The opening has taken place on a timely occasion, right before the start of the summer season campaign, which continues to be the peak period in terms of consular activity at the Spanish Embassy, despite of the fact that Kuwaitis and residents in Kuwait have reoriented more and more their traditional choice for Spain to any period of the year whatsoever, and not only during their summer holidays.

The fact is that Spain remains as one of the major holiday destinations all over the year for so many of our Kuwaiti friends, something that we, at the Embassy, are proud of and pleased, witnessing how their numbers keep steadily growing bigger year by year.

Until April this year, the Spanish visa section has received more than 9,000 visa applications so far (almost 5,000 from Kuwaitis), a figure which only anticipates a hectic summer, fostered by the latest European Union approval of the 5 years visa for all Kuwaiti nationals, provided that their passports validity allows for such a long period on their Schengen visas.

This coming summer 2024, the Embassy of Kuwait to the Kingdom of Spain expects to receive between 65,000 and 80,000 Kuwaiti tourists only in the province of Málaga, to the south of Spain, which is a top well-known destination among Kuwaiti travellers in summertime.

Being the large number of Kuwaiti tourists so important in that region, the Embassy of Kuwait to the Kingdom of Spain even opens every year a temporary office in the city of Torremolinos, in order to provide consular services to the Kuwaiti population residing between June and September in the area of Málaga.

In this regard, let us remind that last month of February, the Embassy of Spain organized a successful promotional event in Kuwait, in collaboration with the Municipality of Marbella and the Luxury Association of Spain, at which we were honoured to enjoy the presence of the Major of Marbella, along with a few representatives of some of the best resorts in the Costa del Sol.

We sincerely wish and hope that the new BLS location we open today will offer a more favourable impact on the experience offered to visa applicants to Spain. That has been indeed the objective of the effort made by the Embassy and our BLS agent, taking into consideration the growing interest and so high expectations among Kuwaitis as regards our country.

As every year, anticipating the complicated summer period in terms of the high numbers of requests, we strongly recommend applicants that, in order to have a smoother visa process, they should plan their holidays adequately and avoid last minute complications, by applying as early as possible, considering that it is possible to do it up to six months in advance.

On another note, and with the aim to avoid unexpected difficulties when travelling, let us remind applicants to apply for their visa at the Embassy or the Consulate of the country that they intend to travel to and check that the required documents are all correct and according to the planned trip, so that the visa application is not delayed.

We would like to take this opportunity to convey, once again, our gratitude to all our Kuwaiti friends for their invariable loyalty to our country throughout the years, one that it only keeps growing bigger and more substantial as time goes by. It only remains to wish everyone a great and pleasant stay in Spain!

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