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Efficiency prevails as Al-Basma Schools embrace first Ramadan

Transactions for auditors, employees, and stakeholders continued smoothly

On Monday, a sense of calm descended upon the Ministry of Education as schools in Al-Basma marked their first Ramadan. All sectors operated with the familiar efficiency they had maintained before the arrival of the blessed month of fasting. Transactions for auditors, employees, and stakeholders continued smoothly.

However, movement in the ministry’s lobby decreased somewhat following the closure of the main cafeteria overlooking the break room.

The auditoriums in both the administrative and public education sectors processed transactions quietly, despite the launch of numerous electronic services on the ministry’s main website.

Flexible working hours

Employees at the ministry enjoyed flexible working hours, adhering to three schedules, with each workday lasting four and a half hours. Work began no earlier than nine in the morning and ended no later than two thirty in the afternoon, with a thirty-minute difference in arrival and departure times between each schedule. The implementation of a fingerprint system ensured flexibility for students and educational and administrative staff at all levels.

In schools, appointments were flexible across all educational levels, whether for students or educational and administrative staff, who began using the fingerprint system. Although student absences were limited overall, they occasionally exceeded the normal rate in some schools. Educational regions also experienced cases of employee absences and tardiness, but they continued to welcome visitors using their usual procedures.

Regarding the beginning of work for the twelfth grade control, the Ministry of Education has scheduled it for the day after tomorrow, Thursday, to facilitate
end-of-second academic period tests. Transfer between schools and educational regions for secondary school students via the student record system will cease on Sunday, April 7.

The acting Assistant Undersecretary for Public Education, Hessa Al-Mutawa, announced the deadline for closing amendments to basic data, recording absences and deletion cases, and finalizing student records in the student record system on Monday, April 8. Exams outside the regular schedule have been planned, with grades being recorded in the student record system from May 5 to May 9, and student seating numbers being adjusted on the 14th.

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