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Drug addicts seized near Sulaibiya farms

Police have taken into custody three drug addicts who were arrested near the Sulaibiya farms following the deployment of the Jahra rescue patrols.

According to a security source, the rescue patrol members encountered the suspects at the onset of the New Year, reports Al-Anba daily.

In the first arrest of the year, the suspects riding in a vehicle showed signs of confusion and when they were asked to pull over, one of them climbed out of the vehicle and attempted in vain to escape.

As he was running a sachet of heroin fell from his pocket. Upon conducting a precautionary search, eight hashish-filled cigarettes, a sachet of heroin, and a bag of chemical substances were found with the suspects.

The security source added the two detainees are Kuwaitis and the third a bedoun.

Meanwhile, support patrols from the Ahmadi Security Directorate, yesterday morning, detained a person in his twenties in the Umm Al-Hayman area for drug abuse and possession of narcotic substances and paraphernalia.

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