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Death reveals the identity of ‘bedoun’ woman

A woman who was married to a Kuwaiti citizen, and whose official documents showed she is a bedoun, turned out to be an Egyptian. This was revealed after her death. She had previously left the country in 2000, and did not enter again according to official records.

But she entered to country and became a “bedoun,” remains a mystery and this is what the detectives are trying to find out, in cooperation with the Central Agency for Illegal Residents, reports Al-Rai daily.

The Al-Rai daily said, the security authorities received a report about the death of a bedoun woman in a hospital and married to a Kuwaiti citizen. According to routine procedures, the body was transferred to forensic medicine, and by taking her fingerprint, it appeared that she was of Egyptian nationality.

A security source said that a police station was informed of the incident, and a case was registered and referred to the General Administration of Criminal Investigation for research and investigation.

Upon investigation, it was found that the deceased was indeed of Egyptian nationality, and was residing in Kuwait under the sponsorship of one of her husband’s relatives, and left the country in 2000.

The source added that it was stated in her marriage contract with the citizen and in her children’s birth certificates that she was “bedoun”, and therefore the Central Agency for Illegal Residents was contacted to find out more circumstances to clarify the truth, while the husband was summoned for investigation in connection with a case of forgery for providing false information.

The burial procedures were delayed pending investigation and the Egyptian embassy has been informed of the case.

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