COP28 in UAE: Final stocktake report to be delivered today

With COP28 expected to deliver its final stocktake report today, the COP28 UAE Presidency has called on all negotiating parties “to roll up their sleeves and give a text that we all can be proud of.”

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, the final day of the UN Climate Summit, Ambassador Majid Al Suwaidi, director general of COP28 UAE presidency said that a new draft text has been drafted that will include a historic a comprehensive plans for the carbon emission mitigation.

He said in a prepared speech: “We are trying to agree on a comprehensive plan to close the gaps between where the world is and where it needs to be to keep 1.5ºC degrees within reach.”

The onus is now on the 198 countries attending the UN Climate Summit, Al Suwaidi underscored, noting the UAE has done its part – as host of COP28 – to include all the views from everyone, including governments and civil society organizations.

The main contention is on the language on fossil fuels in the final report. A draft was released on Monday calling for countries to reduce “consumption and production of fossil fuels, in a just, orderly and equitable manner.”

Most European countries called it “unacceptable” and called for a rapid phase-out of coal, oil and gas; while the US and small island nations noted the wording around fossil fuels was too strong.

“The text we released (on Monday) was a starting point for discussions… When we released it, we knew opinions were polarized, and now we knew where each country’s red lines were,” Al Suwaidi said.

The COP28 UAE presidency director general said negotiation went until 4am Tuesday before a draft new text was prepared. “Now we need them (COP28 negotiators) to roll up their sleeves and give us a text we can all be proud of.”


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