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Consumer Price Index in Kuwait shows inflation of 3.79% in November

According to data released by the Central Administration of Statistics, the consumer price indexes (inflation) in Kuwait witnessed a 3.79 percent increase during the month of November on an annual basis. The statistics also revealed a 0.23 percent monthly increase compared to October, reported Al-Jarida Daily.

The rise in inflation over the year was primarily driven by increases in the prices of key groups, including food, education, clothing, and housing services. The index for the “Food and Beverages” group saw a substantial rise of 5.81 percent in November compared to the same month in 2022.

This increase in prices contributed significantly to the overall inflation rate. The “Clothes” group experienced a significant inflation rate of 6.86 percent, while the prices of “Housing Services” increased by 3.13 percent. In the “Home Furnishings” group, prices rose by 2.96 percent.

The “Health” group saw an increase of 2.41 percent in prices, and the “Transport” group witnessed a rise of 2.95 percent in November compared to the previous year. Additionally, the “Communications” group recorded an annual increase of 3.06 percent. Education and

Inflation rates were also observed in the “Entertainment and Culture” group, with a rise of 2.64 percent, and in the “Education” group, where prices increased by 0.72 percent. Prices in the “Restaurants and Hotels” group also saw an upward trend, with an annual increase of 3.54 percent.

Meanwhile, the “Miscellaneous Goods and Services” group witnessed a rise of 4.14 percent in prices. Excluding Food and Beverages: When excluding the “Food and Beverages” category, the consumer price index (inflation) in November showed an increase of 3.38 percent on an annual basis.

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