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Civil Service unveils 6 new job titles to boost government efficiency

The Civil Service Commission has announced six new job titles for engineers, environmentalists, contract specialists, industrial engineers, and journalists.

• The new titles were developed in collaboration with Kuwait University to ensure they align with modern professional standards.

• The Civil Service Commission is committed to developing job titles and descriptions based on the actual needs of the state and to ensuring fair and equitable employment practices.

The Civil Service Commission (CSC) of Kuwait has announced the introduction of six new job titles, aiming to improve government efficiency and equip the civil service with the necessary skills for the future.

These new titles are designed to address the ever-changing needs of government agencies, reported Al-Jarida.

Some of the newly introduced titles include Engineer (Projects, Safety, Environment, Contracts, and Industry) and Journalist.

The announcement of these new positions came during a workshop titled “The New Mechanism for CSC Nominations for Engineering Titles.”

This workshop was a collaborative effort between the CSC and Kuwait University. Representatives from various government agencies participated in the discussions, which focused on the details of the new job titles.

The workshop explored the specific descriptions and requirements for each position.

Based on industry standards and committed to fairness

During his opening remarks, CSC Undersecretary for Administrative Development, Mohammed Al-Ahmad, emphasized the commission’s dedication to fulfilling the directives of His Highness the Amir.

Specifically, His Highness Sheikh Mishal Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah called for the creation of suitable job opportunities for graduates.

Al-Ahmad elaborated on the collaborative efforts between the CSC and Kuwait University. This collaboration ensured that the newly introduced job titles align with the latest industry standards.

He also reaffirmed the CSC’s commitment to upholding fairness and transparency throughout the nomination process.

The CSC Director emphasized that the commission will uphold equal opportunity principles throughout the recruitment process.

All positions will be filled based on merit and qualifications, ensuring the selection of the most competent individuals.

Rationale behind new titles

Bodour Al-Anzi, Director of the Service Development and Work Methods Department and Director of the Human Resource Development Center at the CSC, explained the reasoning behind the new job titles.

A comprehensive review of existing job descriptions was conducted. This review considered recent advancements in various fields and the evolving nature of work within the public sector.

The findings revealed a need for new titles that better reflect these changes.

Al-Anzi reaffirmed the CSC’s commitment to ongoing development. Job titles and descriptions will be continuously reviewed and updated to stay aligned with the government’s evolving needs.

Collaboration with stakeholders, including Kuwait University and industry experts, is key to identifying emerging trends and ensuring the civil service remains innovative and progressive.

Alignment with academia

Dr. Khalid Al-Hazzea, Acting Dean of the College of Engineering and Petroleum at Kuwait University, applauded the CSC’s initiative.

He emphasized the importance of aligning academic programs with the labor market’s needs. The CSC’s proactive approach in addressing this issue was commended.

Al-Hazzea expressed confidence that the new job titles will provide graduates with more opportunities to contribute to Kuwait’s development.

He also stressed the importance of ongoing collaboration between the university and the CSC. This collaboration ensures graduates possess the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in the workplace.

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