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Civil Service Commission stresses confidentiality for employee data

Dhia Al-Qabandi, the Undersecretary of the Civil Service Commission, and Abeer Al-Faris, the Assistant Undersecretary for Information Systems, wrote in an official letter obtained by Al-Anbaa newspaper.

The letter titled “Electronic Correspondence and Integrated Systems Powers for Civil Service Bureau Affairs” highlighted the importance of confidentiality regarding financial and administrative information of Civil Service Bureau employees. They advised taking necessary measures to restrict powers for all the employees of the Civil Service Commission.

The letter explained that this pertains to the functional and financial data of bureau employees themselves. The authority is limited to those whose work nature requires access to this data and information, including, but not limited to, the Administrative Affairs, Financial Affairs, and Employment Affairs Oversight Unit of the bureau.

It added, provided that the names of the employees authorized to do so are determined by the director of the department, and if one of the bureau officials wishes to provide some powers, they will not be granted until they are presented to us to determine the extent of their need or not.

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