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CITRA acts to counter electronic fraud via phones

The Director of the Information Security and Emergency Response Department at the Communications and Information Technology Regulatory Authority Eng. Layali Abdullah Al Mansouri said the Authority is executing an ambitious strategy to counter electronic fraud via phones, specifically those utilizing phone numbers resembling local ones.

The objective, she told Al-Anba daily, is to integrate all operating companies in Kuwait into caller ID services. She emphasized that the global threat of electronic impersonation, known as “Caller ID spoofing,” is being addressed through Kuwait’s implementation of a caller ID project.

Successfully completing the testing phase, the regulations for this project are anticipated to be officially launched this month, representing a pivotal measure against the escalating attempts to defraud citizens and residents through deceptive phone calls.

Al Mansouri highlighted that the Authority has finalized procedures to identify local telecommunications companies on the network, as well as CITRA.

Calls originating from these companies will display the company name above the number, even if not registered on the customer’s phone, enhancing the trustworthiness of these numbers and thwarting impersonation attempts.

Collaborating with the Central Bank of Kuwait, the Authority is currently taking steps to authenticate the identities of local and foreign banks, along with exchange companies operating in Kuwait. This initiative aims to block avenues for those attempting to impersonate financial institutions.

Furthermore, the Authority is actively engaged in defining the identities of companies providing Internet services, a crucial segment serving a wide customer base. Al Mansouri outlined plans for the upcoming phase, involving the direct integration of all companies operating in the Kuwaiti market into the caller ID system, ensuring automatic identification of company numbers on the network.

Priority in this integration will be accorded to companies involved in activities directly serving individual customers, particularly those providing financial services or services closely tied to financial transactions. Al Mansouri underscored that this comprehensive integration of companies will serve as a safeguard against phone-based electronic impersonation, effectively closing the door to fraud in this context.

As part of future initiatives, Al Mansouri revealed plans to launch a specialized caller identification service on the Authority’s website. This service will act as a gateway for companies and government agencies to undertake necessary measures for identifying their identity on the network, reinforcing the overall security and trustworthiness of communication channels.

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