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Chinese shadow boxing gaining popularity in Kuwait: Jianfeng

Director of the Chinese Cultural Center in Kuwait, Xia Jianfeng, said shadow boxing, or mock fighting, is one of the most prominent elements of Chinese culture, and is part of the Chinese sport of Kung Fu, pointing out that it contributes to the mental and physical buildup of those who practice it, and aims to achieve harmony between humans and the environment.

Feng said in a statement on the sidelines of the lecture and presentation at the center on the sport of shadow boxing that this is the second event since the official opening of the center, pointing out that the Chinese Cultural Center seeks to introduce Chinese culture through its various activities.

He explained that “shadow boxing” is the most popular in Chinese culture, and is very popular among Kuwaitis, who we feel are becoming more and more interested in Chinese culture and traditions, adding, “Next year we will have a series of diverse cultural events.”

He pointed out that the second project is teaching the Chinese language, and we hope that a large number of Kuwaitis will participate in learning the language.

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