CBK engages in assurance talks with local banks on liquidity conditions

The Central Bank of Kuwait has conducted individual meetings with treasury officials from local banks, focusing on discussions about liquidity conditions and banking coverage ratios.

According to informed sources, these meetings were initiated in response to a recent questionnaire distributed by the Central Bank to banks, reports Al-Rai daily.

The questionnaire aimed to gather insights on banks’ perspectives regarding liquidity conditions. Key questions during the meetings included inquiries about any challenges in providing required liquidity needs in local and foreign currencies.

All banks reportedly responded that they currently face no issues with liquidity supply, whether in dinars or dollars. They expressed confidence in managing their diverse needs at more comfortable rates compared to before, with lower price levels. This indicates a surplus in liquidity supply, supported by both the central bank and the interbank market to meet liquidity demands.

Sources affirmed that the Central Bank’s inquiries about liquidity levels in banks are part of routine discussions aimed at ensuring the regulatory safety of liquidity availability at all times. The consistent confirmation by banks reflects the absence of significant problems in this sector.

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