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CBK: Empower women to take on leadership roles in any institution

The Central Bank of Kuwait (CBK) reaffirmed its initiative to empower women to perform strong, active roles that accelerates development. As an institution, it supports women and recognizes their expertise, evident from their active role in Kuwaiti society and their outstanding performance in several spheres.

On International Women’s Day, which falls on March 8 every year, CBK is keen to enhance the role of women in the Bank through initiatives that uphold equality. The Bank provides women with professional training programs to encourage female cadres by ensuring higher education, so they can assume leadership positions in the future.

Women are on a path of continuous development and are given the opportunity to work at all functional levels of leadership and supervisory positions, whether within the Central Bank, or in the Kuwaiti banking sector.

In this regard, the percentage of women working at CBK constitutes 59 percent of the Bank’s total employees, while women occupy 50 percent of leadership positions in the bank. The Bank added that this percentage confirms its belief in the competence of women, and in their ability to assume responsibilities and accomplish tasks on a regular basis to contribute to the organization’s distinction and progress.

At the level of education and professional development, CBK’s women employees obtained 42 percent of the total professional certificates among employees at the Bank and benefited from about 44 percent of study scholarships at the Central Bank during the past ten years.

The Central Bank will continue this approach based on equality in granting opportunities to national energies and enabling female cadres to perform the roles assigned to them, to serve the country and contribute effectively to the development process.

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