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Beware of deceptive tactics employed by organized gangs: MOI

The Ministry of Interior has issued a cautionary alert to citizens and residents, urging them to be vigilant against deceptive tactics employed by organized gangs through social media platforms aimed at exploiting and looting bank balances.

The official Ministry account disseminated a ‘post’ outlining four prevalent methods employed by these criminal groups, reports Al-Anba daily.

  • The initial method involves a request to update bank data, ostensibly to add new fields, leveraging digital IDs and prompting recipients to click on a provided link.
  • The second method consists of sending a message claiming a failed package delivery due to an alleged loss of address, encouraging the recipient to click on a link.
  • The third method entails receiving a link under the pretext of collecting a purchased order.
  • The fourth method revolves around an email notification about a package awaiting collection at a designated agency, with a link provided for the recipient to click.

A security source underscored that yielding to these tactics by clicking on the links and following the specified steps renders bank accounts vulnerable to theft.

These gangs possess the capability to exploit weaknesses and pilfer balances. The source underscored the paramount importance of disregarding such messages to protect personal financial information.

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