‘Bankee’ program enhances financial culture among school students

The National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) orchestrated a special visit to Umm Attiya Al-Ansariyah Primary School for Girls to assess the progress of the “Bankee” program, which was officially launched during the current academic year.

The bank’s executive management, including Vice Chairman and Group CEO Issam Al-Saqr, toured the school to observe the notable developments in implementing the “Bankee” program, reports Al-Rai daily.

The initiative aims to enhance financial awareness and literacy among male and female students in public and private schools, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, the Anti-Corruption Public Authority (Nazaha), and Creative Confidence.

The visit featured the participation of Maryam Al-Anazi, Assistant Undersecretary for Educational Development and Activities, and Engineer Abrar Al-Hammad, Assistant Secretary-General for Prevention at Nazaha.

Parents of students were actively involved in the visit, interacting with their children about the program’s features and expressing delight at the positive changes in their children’s behaviors and financial understanding. They engaged in discussions with teachers regarding the program’s impact on the students.

During the visit, participants gained insights into the details of the “Bankee” program, experiencing the virtual bank that provides students with a financial account traded using virtual “Bankoz” currency. Students receive rewards based on the accumulation of the program’s currency in their accounts.

The program has become an integral part of students’ daily lives in the classroom, with awards recognizing outstanding performance and behavior. The “Bankee” program benefits over 15,000 students of both sexes, with the active participation of 4,000 teachers.

Launched in October in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Nazaha, the “Bankee” program introduces students to basic economic concepts and practices through a simulated economic system in the school classroom, fostering financial literacy in a practical and interactive environment.

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