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AWL shines spotlight on women’s achievements and contributions

On International Women’s Day, the American Women’s League (AWL) inaugurated “Women’s History Month”, bringing together American and Kuwaiti businesswomen, as well as influential decision-makers.

On International Womens Day, the American Women’s League (AWL) inaugurated Womens History Month on March 8th. The event was graced by the presence of H.E. Karen Hideko Sasahara, US ambassador to Kuwait, and Kuwaiti media personality and producer Sheikha Abrar Al-Sabah, alongside over 100 women in Kuwait, comprising American and Kuwaiti businesswomen, as well as influential decision-makers.

Elizabeth Ayala, AWL President, delivered the opening remarks, emphasizing the significance of honoring women’s accomplishments and their contributions to society.

Abrar Al Sabah discussed Kuwait’s role in the media and entertainment sector, sharing her personal journey as a member of the Kuwaiti royal family working in the production field.

She commended the efforts of her grandfather, Sheikh Jaber Al-Ali Al-Sabah, in developing the media and entertainment sector during his tenure as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Information from 1962 to 1981.She expressed her dedication to continuing in his footsteps, stating:Our vision is for Kuwait to regain its dominance in the media industry and become the main center for high-quality entertainment content in our region. Based on this vision, I founded Abbey’s Productions and Barwa Productions.

Addressing the misrepresentation of Arab women in global media, Sheikha Abrar said, My goal is to produce content that accurately portrays the Gulf States to a global audience, especially in terms of the portrayal of women in this region.

She also emphasized the challenges of working in this field as a woman and mother of four, as well as the obstacles she faced in entrepreneurship during the pandemic. Sheikha Abrar praised the efforts of Gulf women who have recently revitalized the dynamics of this field in the Arab world.

During the event, the US ambassador also addressed the audience, emphasizing the significance of women’s empowerment and their role in fostering cultural bridges.

In her address, H.E. Sasahara lauded the active and influential role of women in supporting and nurturing communities worldwide.

She discussed several successes achieved by women locally and globally with the audience, highlighting Barbie’s 8 Oscars as an example. She emphasized the importance of reflecting on past accomplishments.

She also pointed out the significance of regularly reviewing our achievements as the primary motivation to progress further.

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