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Authorities to adopt strict measures against Ramadan charity violations, tracks donations

Kuwaiti authorities are taking a firm stance against illegal Ramadan charity activities, vowing to prosecute violators and track every dinar collected to ensure it reaches its intended beneficiaries.

This comes ahead of the upcoming holy month, where charitable giving traditionally increases. The Acting Undersecretary of the Ministry of Social Affairs, Abdulaziz Sari, revealed that the ministry, represented by the Department of Charities and Endowments, announced several measures, to ensure transparency and accountability in fundraising efforts.

These announcements were made during the “Ezz and Fakhre 2” event organized by the Ministry of Social Affairs’ Public Relations Department in conjunction with the upcoming national day celebrations. The event aimed to showcase the ministry’s various departments and their services to the public.

The Director of the Public Relations Department, Ahmed Al-Enzi, reiterated the department’s strategy to enhance communication and transparency through such initiatives. He highlighted the participation of several government agencies in the exhibition, allowing citizens to learn more about their services.

Key measures

Any unauthorized collection of donations will be directly referred to the Attorney General for legal action. This targets entities and individuals operating outside the state’s regulatory framework.

Seven field teams comprising representatives from various government agencies, including the Ministries of Interior, Trade, and Endowments, will monitor and address charity work violations promptly. Social media platforms will also be closely monitored for unauthorized fundraising activities.

Citizens and residents are urged to exercise caution when donating and only contribute to authorized bodies approved by the Ministry of Social Affairs.

The Committee to Support the Promotion of Local Agricultural Product will be reactivated to monitor cooperatives’ compliance with purchasing regulations for locally produced vegetables. Sanctions against violators will range from warnings to suspensions of the Board of Directors.

Transparency and accountability

Acting Undersecretary of the Ministry of Social Affairs, Abdulaziz Sari, emphasized the ministry’s commitment to following every dinar collected during Ramadan until it reaches its rightful recipients. He stressed the fight against “insiders” who exploit charitable work for personal gain.

Ramadan debt relief campaign under consideration

Regarding the possibility of launching a campaign to help settle the debts of debtors during Ramadan, similar to last year’s initiative, Sari stated that the matter is under review. A final decision will be made by the Minister of Social Affairs after further discussion.

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