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Anti-Corruption Authority rewards whistleblower for reporting corruption crimes

The Anti-Corruption Authority, known as “Nazaha,” has disclosed the disbursement of a financial reward to a whistleblower who exposed corruption crimes. According to Nazaha, the executive regulations of the law established by the authority have outlined the guidelines for granting such reward, reported Al-Jarida Daily.

The whistleblower becomes eligible for this financial compensation when their report fulfills the conditions specified in Article 22 of the law, leading to a final conviction in the case in question. In a press statement on Monday, Nazaha stated that it had activated these provisions and awarded a financial reward to the individual who courageously reported the corruption crimes.

The authority emphasized the significance of citizens fulfilling their national duty by submitting reports on corruption crimes, supported by substantial evidence, documents, and relevant information. It also highlighted the unique nature of its work, wherein Articles 2, 22, and 38 of the law encompass the specific job characteristics of those reported against, as well as the crimes that fall within the authority’s purview.

This encourages individuals to provide solid evidence to enable the authority to carry out its primary role of investigating these crimes and referring them to the appropriate authorities. Nazaha’s decision to grant a financial reward serves as recognition for the whistleblower’s efforts in combating corruption. It underscores the importance of individuals playing an active role in exposing corruption and contributing to building a more transparent and accountable society.

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