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ALSAYER Group Promotes Road Safety Awareness and Empowers Students in Kuwait

ALSAYER Group has recently organized and participated in several events promoting road safety awareness & educating the community about safe driving habits and showcasing the advanced safety features of Toyota vehicles.

ALSAYER hosted a road safety event at the International University of Kuwait (IUK) as part of the GCC Road Safety Awareness Week. The event targeted university students and focused on raising awareness about the dangers of mobile phone usage while driving, the importance of wearing seatbelts, and the need to avoid rash driving. Kuwait road accident statistics were presented and engaged over 50 students and teachers through quiz sessions, emphasizing the criticality of following traffic safety rules. The event also featured the participation of our partner, the Support & Rescue Team, who demonstrated road safety measures during emergencies and safe off-road practices utilizing fully equipped off-road rescue Toyota SUVs. Toyota Kuwait showcased Supra and Toyota 86 sports cars, allowing students to envision the superior driving and safety features in the Toyota mobility range.

In collaboration with the Kuwait Society of Engineers, we actively participated in the Traffic Safety Awareness Forum on 6th March 2024 to increase awareness about traffic safety and safe driving practices. We set up an engaging booth that showcased Toyota vehicles’ advanced safety features, highlighting the company’s commitment to enhancing the safety of drivers and passengers.

Car Rental Division played a vital role in promoting road safety by participating in the Road Safety Campaign organized by the Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) that was held on 3rd and 4th March, 2024 at the KNPC Ahmadi main building. The Car Rental Division presented our Group’s vehicles’ safety features and provided a comprehensive presentation on its safety techniques.

Furthermore, the Group’s Toyota Technical Training Center conducted training sessions for the students of Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah High School. The sessions, held on March 5th and 6th, focused on educating the students about hybrid and electric vehicles (EVs), as well as emphasizing the importance of traffic safety and periodic maintenance. The team of experts delivered interactive discussions, presentations, and practical demonstrations to enhance the students’ learning experience. They provided insights into the working principles of hybrid and electric vehicles, highlighting their environmental benefits and technological advancements. The sessions also stressed the significance of responsible driving, following traffic rules, wearing seat belts, and avoiding distractions on the road and the importance of regular maintenance and using genuine spare parts to ensure optimal vehicle performance and longevity.

Eng. Nehad Al-Haj Ali, Group Manager at ALSAYER Group emphasized the company’s dedication to road safety and community empowerment and commented “we prioritize promoting road safety awareness and equipping students with responsible driving knowledge to make Kuwait’s roads safer for everyone. We express gratitude to the partners: Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC), International University of Kuwait (IUK), Kuwait Society of Engineers and Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah High School for their contributions in GCC Road Safety Awareness Week”.

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