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Al-Muhailbi discusses with Al-Aiban issues of working class employees

Today, Khaled Al-Muhailbi, the head of the Workers Union at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, held a meeting with His Excellency the Minister of Commerce and Industry, Muhammad Othman Al-Aiban, in the presence of members of the union’s board of directors.

Various concerns affecting the ministry’s employees were thoroughly discussed during the meeting, according to Q8 press.

The aim was for the Minister to address these issues and complaints, providing follow-up on the employees’ conditions.

In particular, the discussion touched upon matters related to allowances for those in the commercial control position and precious metals technicians, concerning infection, danger, pollution, and noise.

The Minister affirmed his ongoing efforts with the Civil Service Bureau to secure approval for these allowances. During the meeting, His Excellency contacted Dr. Issam Al-Rubaian, Head of the Civil Service Bureau, to expedite the approval and disbursement of these allowances.

Moreover, the Minister assured a resolution to the matter of discounts on employees, emphasizing the commitment to prevent their accumulation, which could lead to debts for the employees from previous periods.

His Excellency pledged to actively work towards fulfilling these demands, eliminating obstacles that hinder employees, and creating a conducive work environment that ultimately benefits the overall work interest.

Expressing gratitude, Al-Muhailbi thanked the Minister for his warm reception, genuine interest in union organization, collaborative efforts to achieve the best outcomes, and support for demands that serve the public interest and the welfare of the workforce.

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