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Al-Adan Hospital expansion boasts of 12,000 sq mtrs medicine store

The Ministry of Health is in the process of establishing new drug warehouses in various governorates. As part of this initiative, the ministry has commenced the reception of newly constructed buildings for the expansion project at Adan Hospital.

Notably, one of the structures included in the project is a sizable building dedicated to the strategic storage of medicines, covering an area of approximately 12 thousand square meters.

Health sources informed Al-Rai that this new warehouse is poised to become one of the largest in the country. Its establishment is expected to bolster the strategic stock of medicines and address challenges related to storage capacity faced by existing warehouses.

Dr. Abdullah Al-Sanad, the Director of the Health Communication Center and the official spokesperson for the Ministry, highlighted that the handover of the Al-Adan Hospital expansion project commenced on December 24. The process will continue, with the subsequent delivery of additional buildings, floors, and facilities in the coming days and weeks.

Dr. Al-Sanad emphasized that the expansion project represents a significant advancement in government health services. It is viewed as a qualitative addition that will contribute to enhancing the quality and diversity of health services, particularly for the residents in the areas served by Al-Adan Hospital.

Al-Sanad explained that the Al-Adan Hospital expansion project consists of 9 buildings, which include:

  • Maternity and Childhood Building contains 637 beds, 21 operating rooms, 16 facilities and a technical department.
  • General and specialized surgery building.
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation building.
  • The parking building for physical therapy patients can accommodate 580 cars.
  • Health District Administration Building with attached parking lots to accommodate about 1,983 cars.
  • A building for strategic storage of medicines with an area of about 12 thousand square meters.
  • Engineering Affairs and Power Generators Building.
  • Medical oxygen building.
  • A separate multi-storey building for parking, with a capacity for approximately 1,083 cars.
  • 200 car spaces for people with special needs in all parking lots.
  • Comprehensive dental treatment for children with special needs

Dr. Al-Sanad also announced the launch of a comprehensive dental treatment service for children and adolescents under 15 years of age with special needs and children suffering from some other diseases whose treatment requires specialized medical care, at the Jaber Al-Ahmad Specialized Dental Center.

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