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‘Addict’ unmasks drug dealer’s sale of leaves-mixed drugs for 300 dinars

The detectives from the Control Department, acting on a report from Al-Naeem police, ambushed and arrested the drug dealer, then searched his house.

For the first time, the Criminal Court scheduled a session for May 26 to review a complaint filed by an ‘addict’ against a drug dealer. This came after the addict purchased a quantity of chemical drugs worth 300 Kuwaiti dinars. It was later proven that the drugs were mixed with leaves and that the drug dealer deceived the addict. Furthermore, the substance had no effect when consumed.

The detectives from the Control Department, who received the report from the Al-Naeem police station, obtained permission from the Public Prosecution. Subsequently, an ambush was set up for the drug dealer, leading to his arrest and the subsequent search of his house.

During the search, a quantity of narcotic substances prepared for sale was found and immediately seized for investigation. The dealer admitted to mixing the materials sold to the complainant with tree leaves to increase the quantity and profit.

Consequently, he was referred to the Public Prosecution, which charged the complainant with drug abuse and the dealer with trafficking in narcotic substances.

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