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17 Kuwaiti NGOs to be dissolved for inactivity

• Ministry of Social Affairs identifies 17 inactive public associations for dissolution.

• Associations failed to conduct community activities or cooperate with the ministry.

• Financial assets of dissolved associations will be transferred to the ministry.

The Ministry of Social Affairs has identified 17 NGOs that will be dissolved due to inactivity and non-compliance with regulations.

Sources at Al-Jarida newspaper report that the decision comes as part of an ongoing effort to “sift” through all registered NGOs and ensure that they are meeting their objectives and adhering to the law.

These 17 NGOs are now subject to dissolution. A memorandum with their names will be submitted to the Minister of Social Affairs. This memorandum will recommend legal action to dissolve the NGOs and liquidate their assets.

The Ministry of Social Affairs forwarded the names of these NGOs to a specific committee. This committee, known as the Committee for the Establishment, Evaluation, and Dissolution of Public Benefit Associations and Charities, plays a crucial role. They review the NGOs’ fundamental systems to assess two key factors: seriousness and community impact.

The reason for dissolution ties back to Law No. 24/1962, which governs clubs and public benefit associations. The NGOs in question have been found in violation of Article 27 of this law. Several specific issues were identified.

These NGOs have not conducted any activities, provided real services to the community, submitted estimated budgets or financial reports for past years, or maintained active bank accounts.

Moreover, some NGOs have never used the automated correspondence system that links the ministry with them since their inception. This complete lack of activity indicates their inactivity and justifies the decision for dissolution.

Fate of NGO funds

Upon dissolution, the funds in the accounts of these NGOs will be transferred to the Ministry of Social Affairs. The ministry will then determine how to allocate these funds, according to Article 25 of the Standard Bylaws.

The Ministry of Social Affairs is committed to enforcing the law against inactive NGOs. The ministry believes that these NGOs are essentially “shops” that do not benefit citizens and are only used for social bragging.

The ministry expects to identify more inactive NGOs in the future.

Legal grounds for dissolution

Law 24/1962 gives the Minister of Social Affairs the authority to dissolve NGOs in the following cases:

  • A decrease in membership to less than the legally required number
  • Inability to meet financial obligations
  • Violation of the law, bylaws, or objectives
  • Failure to engage in activities to achieve its objectives
  • When required by the public interest or social goals of the community

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