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11 Individuals sentenced to seven years for disability salary fraud

The two Egyptians and nine citizens committed fraud by falsifying medical reports and certificates, misusing funds and benefits for disabled individuals.

  • Thirteen people received a suspended two-year imprisonment sentence with labor, conditioned on paying a 1,000-dinar bail.

  • The court suspended punishment for 33 individuals, including a male and female citizen, if they pay a 500-dinar bail and return the seized amounts.

In a significant ruling targeting both disability claimants and counterfeiters, Counselor Miteb Al-Ardhi presided over a decision in the Criminal Court. The ruling involved the imprisonment of two Egyptian expatriates and nine citizens for seven years due to the seizure of disability salaries.

Additionally, thirteen others were sentenced to two years of imprisonment with labor, though the execution of their sentence was suspended for three years, provided they pay a bail of 1,000 dinars and refrain from engaging in criminal activities during this period.

Moreover, the court also decided to suspend the pronouncement of punishment for 33 individuals, including a male and a female citizen, upon their payment of a bail of 500 dinars, contingent on them returning the seized amounts.

The Public Prosecution charged the defendants in the case with several offenses. These offenses include forgery of application forms, reports, and medical examinations for the Public Authority for the Affairs of People with Disabilities. The intention behind these forgeries was to make them appear identical to genuine documents and valid for use. This was done in order to fraudulently obtain financial and in-kind decisions and benefits allocated to people with disabilities, all based on the falsified documents.

The accusations included misappropriation of public funds and benefits granted to people with disabilities. This involved falsifying requests for medical reports and certificates that improved disability status for the accused or their families. These actions violated procedures by not presenting the patient to the relevant technical medical committees.

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