The Ministry of Culture and Tourism in China invited two artists from Kuwait, Asaad Bounashi and Ahmed Muqeem, to participate in the 11th ‘Insight of China’ art forum held recently.. In addition to Kuwait, the forum featured artists from Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Oman and Tunisia.

The two-week long program included visits to the three cities of Hong Kong, Macau and Shenzhen, in addition to sightseeing tours, visits to museums and art facilities, exchanges with Chinese artists, and exhibitions.

After the art tour, the six-day workshop provided a space for artists to produce a collection of art works that reflected the inspiration they gathered from the cultural visits and tours across the three cities.

Since 2009, the annual workshop acts as an important conduit for China-Arab cultural exchanges with the participation of famous Arab artists. It also plays a positive role in the building of friendly ties between the people of China and artists from the Arab world.

The program concluded with an art exhibition of all the works produced by the artists participating in the workshop, and an honoring ceremony. It is worth mentioning that this is the second invitation for the artists Ahmad Muqeem and Asaad Bounashi to participate in the ‘China Insight’ workshop for Arab artists.

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